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Bharatiya Sanskritik Suraksha Sangh

Bharatiya Sanskritik Suraksha Sangh Hooghly, is one of the most trusted, apolitical, and best organizations in West Bengal. Our organization works for social development and the helpless and wants to help the ignorant in every possible way. BSSS is registered under the Act of “Fight With Corruption, Discovery of Indian Old Historical Heritage, Cultural and Educational Development of Indian Poor People” West Bengal. Which was registered on 19th August 2016. 

BSSS is a non-profit charity working primarily with the primary goal of improving our cultural aspects. In addition to this goal, we are working on serious issues such as poverty alleviation and hunger eradication. Since our inception, we have been doing a lot of social work on children’s education, tree planting, human rights, raising social awareness, etc. We also provide emergency medical services and distribute free medicines.

Our Works

Bharatiya Sanskritik Suraksha Sangh

Our members are working day and night on various projects to uplift the helpless people and have special goals for sustainable development.

Struggle for The Existence  of Culture and Tradition

BSSS, in collaboration with its members, is working to promote our art and tradition, culture. The purpose of this work is to express Indian cultural and artistic expression and to nurture the skills of art and craft. Our organization strives to develop our country’s culture, art, and craft, and to keep it

Restoration of Historic Places & Monuments

India is a land of vast culture and heritage. Everywhere in every corner of India, one or another historical monument is still standing with its head held high and proudly narrating our history. The identity of this landmark is being neglected and diminished day by day by the new generation.

Financial Help To  Educational Institute

Although the level of education for children, youth, and adults increased, the number of illiterates was the same as the population at the time of independence. The Constituent Assembly passed the Constitution of India in 1950. Free and compulsory education for children from 10 to 14 years of age was mentioned as a guiding

Our Events

Bharatiya Sanskritik Suraksha Sangh

Independence Day

BSSS celebrates independence day every year in our Society. We believe each of our members should know about the importance of independence. To show our huge respect to the freedom fighters who are martyrs in war,

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Cultural Program

Sometimes we present cultural programs in the village with the help of people from different villages or backward tribes where children and youth participate and serve. Through this program, we can keep the people of the area together.

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We will always be grateful for your contribution


The mission of BSSS is to create a better future for all. To build a better education system for poor and orphaned children.


Our vision is to encourage people for social upliftment and culture through the provision of financial and physical support


Our goal is to bring to the public the millennia-long cultural heritage that unveils our past. Highlighting both good and bad

News And Updates

Launching of Our Programme ‘’Shanskar’’ a Learning of Sanskriti


SHANSKAR is not just a programme; it is a celebration of tradition, values, and the timeless beauty of Sanskriti. Our vision is to provide a holistic education that combines modern teaching methodologies with the wisdom and heritage of Sanskriti, fostering a nurturing environment for students to thrive.

Join us for an evening of cultural festivities, enlightening discussions, and the unveiling of our state-of-the-art facilities.

SHANSKAR help children to enrich themselves with core learning of some basics which they are missing out in this world of mobile technology.

Under SHANSKAR we take care that each and every student should connect with their Sanskriti and culture. We take proper classes regarding VED and SANSRIT to empower moral development of children’s. Other than this classes other activities are also taken place under SHANSKAR such as:

  1. Yoga Classes with proper meditation to develop inner power and peace
  2. Karate Classes to strengthen yourself
  3. Dance Classes
  4. Tuition classes for all subjects (English, Hindi, Maths, Science, History & Geography) for weak students

On regular interval we will run scholarship programs a unique opportunity designed to support and empower talented children for higher education.

Program Highlights:

  • Scholarship categories: We offer scholarships in various categories, recognizing academic excellence, leadership, community involvement and more.
  • Financial support: Our program provides financial assistance to ease the burden of educational expenses, ensuring that deserving students have the resources needed to thrive.

In SHANSKAR we will launch a competition on monthly basis related to Studies and other curriculum activities to encourage our children’s to become socially active and independent. We will provide benefit and prizes to our children’s wo will participate in this competitions on PAN India basis.

It is with great pleasure to announce that we have decide to start our SHANSKAR classes from 01st of April 2024. Our registered office will be 1, Siddhyye Apartment, Baidikpara Lane, 2nd Floor, Hindmotor, Hooghly – 712233.

Anyone can reach us at our registered office or can mail us at and can also visit our website for more information.

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Bhaskar Pandey

Bhaskar Pandey


Asutosh Pandey

Asutosh Pandey


Akash Singh

Akash Singh