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Bharatiya Sanskritik Suraksha Sangh


Bharatiya Sanskritik Suraksha Sangh


Bharatiya Sanskritik Suraksha Sangh Hooghly, is one of the most trusted, apolitical, and best organizations in West Bengal. Our organization works for social development and the helpless and wants to help the ignorant in every possible way. BSSS is registered under the Act of “Fight With Corruption, Discovery of Indian Old Historical Heritage, Cultural and Educational Development of Indian Poor People” West Bengal. Which was registered on 19th August 2016. 
BSSS is a non-profit charity working primarily with the primary goal of improving our cultural aspects. In addition to this goal, we are working on serious issues

such as poverty alleviation and hunger eradication. Since our inception, we have been doing a lot of social work on children’s education, tree planting, human rights, raising social awareness, etc. We also provide emergency medical services and distribute free medicines. Our own medical team. BSSS started as a small NGO, now it has become a certified NGO and lots of staff and local partners are working with us. BSSS Desperate to see equality for all types of people in West Bengal and India. And our sole goal is to be established as the largest charity in West Bengal and to ensure that every child gets the education they deserve, the hungry get adequate food and women get the respect they deserve and every youth gets employment. We will work hard until our dreams are fulfilled and we need your sincere love and cooperation the most.


The mission of BSSS is to create a better future for all. To build a better education system for poor and orphaned children. Extend a helping hand to the poor and the needy who need to be improved. As well as how to better present our organization to reach all corners of our cultural world.


Our vision is to encourage people for social upliftment and culture through the provision of financial and physical support and to mobilize social workers. The bad aspects of our society are good and the good aspects need to be made better. Conduct welfare planning and recreational activities for our community and its people.


Our goal is to bring to the public the millennia-long cultural heritage that unveils our past. Highlighting both good and bad aspects of society through education and social development. Our association does not operate profitably and commercially. The main objectives of this society – are culture, social development, and an advanced education system.