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Bharatiya Sanskritik Suraksha Sangh

Struggle for The Existence of Culture and Tradition

BSSS, in collaboration with its members, is working to promote our art and tradition, culture. The purpose of this work is to express Indian cultural and artistic expression and to nurture the skills of art and craft. Our organization strives to develop our country’s culture, art, and craft, and to keep it alive through the collaboration of local artists and members. It’s not just an organization, it is an effort to preserve the culture of the country, which we are losing day by day. In addition, our organization is working on how to better present and reach out to everyone through drama, dance, and various cultural aspects. We have taken various steps to encourage artists to acquire skills in the field of art and culture of the country and to help them develop their skills and to sustain the existence of art and culture.

Restoration of Historic Places & Monuments

India is a land of vast culture and heritage. Everywhere in every corner of India, one or another historical monument is still standing with its head held high and proudly narrating our history. The identity of this landmark is being neglected and diminished day by day by the new generation. So with that in mind, BSSS is working to revitalize and beautify those patterns and pass on the ancient patterns to the new generation and to every citizen. Our Foundation is committed to building and maintaining a variety of forts and monuments, clean-up campaigns, plastic-free forts, and an excellent tourist destination.

Ration Distributions

The Corona catastrophe has devastated lives in all the states of India as well as in different parts of the world. Surrounded by four walls, everyone is fighting for food and livelihood. Although the situation is somewhat normal, some people are still not getting jobs in this situation. So the food stored in the house has reached the bottom of the can. And BSSS has taken the initiative to curb hunger in such situations. Providing food for the poor, needy, and pedestrians so that no poor people go hungry. Our organization is doing this in collaboration with the people. We have distributed dry rations (sugar, oil, salt, flour, rice, pulses, and). We have distributed other household necessities for the needy people and we have organized this activity with utmost care.

Financial Help To Educational Institute

Although the level of education for children, youth, and adults increased, the number of illiterates was the same as the population at the time of independence. The Constituent Assembly passed the Constitution of India in 1950. Free and compulsory education for children from 10 to 14 years of age was mentioned as a guiding principle of the Constitution from its inception of the Constitution.
The BSSS supports the government and the consensus. We want education to reach everyone in the coming days. We have made some financial contributions to the funds of an educational institution. Although it is a combination of brick, we want to provide more financial support to all small borough educational institutions in the future.

Helping Hand To Indigent

When we go to work for the betterment of helpless people, their plight and heartbreaking situation makes us speechless. There are many helpless and their numbers are huge. We can’t help everyone but we can help some of them as much as we can. BSSS has organized free health checkup camps and medicine distribution for those who cant arrange their medical effort or treatment. Some of our partners and members help us personally to give some economically backward people some financial help. We have also arranged a foods distribution camp to feed those hunger-bitten. BSSS wants to help them this way that they can sustain their existence.

Legal Aids

We are dedicated to protecting and safeguarding human rights. Every human being has this right because they are human. It is guaranteed to everyone regardless of race, caste, gender, language, religion, political or another opinion, national or social origin, property, birth, or another status. Human rights are essential for the full development of individuals and communities. Human rights are values ​​that allow all people to live with dignity, freedom, equality, justice, and peace.